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Non-Archival Pre-Cut Mats

from 10.00

If you are looking to have a piece of artwork or a document framed, but don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars at a custom frame shop, consider buying one of my pre-cut mats instead.

These pre-cut mats are ready made to fit standard size photos and documents into standard sized frames. Standard size frames can be bought in many retail establishments. Target, Walmart and most grocery stores will have them.

Whether a poor student or a rich person looking to get something framed I understand that you don't want to waste money on getting a hole cut out of a piece of fancy cardboard, so don't. Just tell me the dimensions of your photo, drawing, document, license, diploma, etc and I will cut a mat ready to fit it in a pre-made frame. This can save you hundreds of dollars when compared to a full custom frame job.

Here are the prices:

4x6 opening in a 5x7 mat - $10

4x6 opening in an 8x10 mat - $15

8.5x11 opening in an 11x14 mat - $20

11x17 opening in a 16x20 mat - $25

14x17 opening in a 16x20 mat - $25

13x19 opening in an 18x24 mat - $35

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