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Archival Mat Charge

from 15.00

If you are looking to have a piece of artwork or a document framed, but don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars at a custom frame shop, consider having a custom mat made instead.

Whether a poor student or a rich person looking to get something framed I understand that you don't want to waste money on getting a hole cut out of a piece of fancy cardboard, so don't. Just tell me the dimensions of your photo, drawing, document, license, diploma, etc and I can size the window of the mat to fit it, and then size the exterior of the mat to fit a pre-made frame. Pre-made frames can be bought in many retail establishments. Target, Walmart and most grocery stores will have them. This can save you hundreds of dollars when compared to a full custom frame job.

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Here are the prices:

5x7 or 4x6 - $15

8x10 - $20

11x14 - $25

16x20 - $30

18x24 - $40

22x28 or 24x36 - $45

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