Pet Care Services

With El El Illustrations I have been able to help clients celebrate their pets through art. To expand the ways in which I can assist my clients with their pets I began to help them with walking their dogs and checking on their pets at home. I am dedicated to providing your pets with the love and dependability that I would provide to my own. If you a busy schedule, if there’s bad weather, if you have a physical disability, or if you are out of town… no matter the reason I am here to help give you some peace of mind when it comes to the well-being of your pets!

Here are the prices and services available:


Dog Walking

Keeping your pet mentally and physically fit is extremely important to their well-being, especially if they are a puppy. During the busy times in your life you can help maintain the health of your pet with the assistance of a dog walker or pet sitter. Daily walks help to promote good manners, better confidence, and decreased anxiety! There’s no need to feel guilty about having your family member cooped up inside the house while you are at work all day. I’m here to help, and at an affordable rate!

House Checks

Having a pet sitter visit the house instead of boarding your pet when you are on vacation can help reduce the stress and anxiety of your pet. Understandably they prefer familiar places, there are less bathroom issues and there aren’t other stranger animals to catch illnesses from when they stay home.

A cat check up includes:

  • Scooping out the litter box

  • Letting them in or out if they are outdoor cats

  • Making sure there is fresh food and water

  • Making sure they are safe and sound

  • Providing medication if needed

  • Playing and interacting

  • A visit report

A dog check up includes:

  • Yard time, tossing the ball around to stretch the legs

  • Cleaning up any business they might leave

  • Making sure there is fresh food and water

  • Making sure they are safe and sound

  • Providing medication if needed

  • Refill a treat toy

  • A visit report

I would recommend 2 walks a day for dogs and 1 visit a day for cats!

In addition to those basic services your house check can be customized to fit your needs. I can take in your mail and newspapers, water any houseplants, turn off and on any lights, and make sure you turned off the stove burners, anything to give you peace of mind. I can send text updates daily if you are on vacation.

Why hire a pet sitter or a dog walker instead of boarding them in a kennel or having your friends help out?

  • Your pet gets to maintain their usual routine: eat the food they like, sleep in the place they like, and play in their own yard. At a kennel they would likely be confined to a small area, eat food they aren’t used to, and be exposed to other animals and possible fleas or germs.

  • Your pet will get all the attention from their pet sitter instead of being one of many pets being dealt with by the kennel workers.

  • The trip to the kennel is a hassle before and after your vacation, just skip the headache.

  • Many kennels require certain vaccinations in order for your pet to be boarded, this means an additional trip to the vet to get this done just to get your pet boarded. If you forget to do this, you aren’t going to be boarding your pet.

  • Your friends are your friends and are happy to help out, but you can only have them help out so many times before it starts to become an imposition. Also if it is vacation season then chances are they are also busy and won’t be able to watch your pets.

  • Your home won’t look like it is left unattended. Avoid having the newspapers and mail pile up and having porch plants wither away.



An initial consultation is free, and necessary to make sure your pet is comfortable with having me assist them. I want to have your pet happy and secure with me being a new person in their space. This is also the time when we can go over what kind of service plan you are interested in, go over any instructions regarding the pet, and address any other questions or concerns.

Reviews and Testimonials

I know how important a pet is to their owner, I have three of my own. It’s clear to me how much a person has to be trustworthy and caring in order to be offered an opportunity to help out with a pet. I want to earn that opportunity from you. Here are some words and reviews from clients that I hope will lead us to a similar business relationship.


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